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National Nutrition Month: My Challenge for You

Happy March everyone! Wow, these last few months have been packed. I had a whole list of posts I wanted to write in February and I only got one of those up. That makes the perfectionist in me cringe but I know even if I don’t get them up when I planned it will still be worth posting at any point during the year. I also meant to get this post up way sooner, but, alas, here we are on March 21st and up it goes.

Love this Garden Sage & Garlic Gnocchi as an easy entree or side dish for nights at home or entertaining guests!

Love this Garden Sage & Garlic Gnocchi as an easy entree or side dish for nights at home or entertaining guests!

THIS month is a fun month (for me, ha) because it’s National Nutrition Month! A whole month dedicated to eating well according to your own personal health goals. There are so many diets out there and eating patterns that people acquire that work for them. However, we have to remember that what works for one person will NOT necessarily work for you! That is something I tell all of my young athletes and something I tell my wellness clients. Unless you have an allergy or food sensitivity, I always recommend including all of the food groups each day. Doing so helps prevent those feelings of deprivation and, later on, over-eating on the foods you deprived yourself of earlier. While I do recommend including all of the food groups, I also recommend taking an inventory around how you feel when eating all different foods. Tune out what your friend, family member or coworker is doing and focus on your own body. I challenge you this month, or these next couple of weeks, to keep a journal of what you eat and how it makes you feel - not to count calories but to just see what your energy levels are, how satisfied you feel, how long the meal or snack lasts before you feel hungry again or how that meal or snack affects your workouts or performances. I don’t want you writing any calorie amounts down at all - just look at the food, itself. Need a good journal? Well, anything will work, really. I of course am such a fan of this notebook by fitlosophy (not sponsored - just like it a lot). I actually wrote a post about it here during my stress management program!


I hope by doing this, you learn a little something new about yourself this month and that you get a better idea of what foods work for you. And to wrap it up I leave you with one of my favorite gnocchi recipes, my Garlic Sage Garden Gnocchi.

Happy Fueling!