Fitbook: A Wellness Notebook That Keeps Me Mindful & Inspired

fitbook cover 1.JPG

Starting out on this Stress Management Program, I wanted to have a place to journal and take notes. I wanted a place where I could write each day’s challenges and stay mindful of my stressors, my coping behaviors and how I felt in general. One thing about me - I am SUCH a sucker for a great notebook. I love them! You will probably never see me without one in hand or in my purse. I know, some people have moved on to their phones, but I will always stay back in the old days with a quality notebook with pretty paper and a fun pen. I look at a screen enough during the day that I’m happy to take something off the screen and onto paper. Notebooks are the stores for all of my ideas, my lists, and my “don’t forgets”.

Another random fact about me - I’ve been trained to “goal set” since before I can remember. Between my school that had specific classes devoted to teaching us study and time management strategies to figure skating and road trips where dad just happened to have cassettes on goal setting ready to pop into the cassette player (yes, that’s right, I said cassette. And, yes, this really did happen) I have to say that goal setting is ingrained in me. Some kids rebel but I just let it sink in, and now I’m all about the goals. It can be a tiny goal or a big goal, but there is usually always a goal.

Keeping all of this in mind, I set out for the perfect notebook to jot notes in for this challenge and came across Fit Book by Fitlosophy. They have a bunch of great items and notebooks, but the one I loved for this challenge in particular and ended up chosing was their “Goal Getter” notebook. Lots of the notebooks out there that I found were all about counting portions and calories and workout reps. That is not at all what I wanted. That is absolutely not what these last 5 weeks have been about. I love this notebook because it immediately starts out by having you list three things that you are thankful for. I mean, what a great way to start the day! I have been doing this as consistently as possible and it makes such a difference to start your day out with that in mind - AND it only takes like two minutes! It then has you list what you appreciate about your body followed by ways you will take care of yourself that day, noting your activity, your food and your overall mood. Then each day has free space to write whatever you want as well as a place to list what inspires you that day. I love that you can look back and note how you felt over the course of the weeks and you can find patterns in food, exercise, stress levels, mood as well as focus on your inspiration each day.

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If you are out there looking for a small notebook to help you stay mindful, thankful, inspired and healthy, I highly recommend this one! It allows you to track habits over time but also fuels inspiration and positivity each day.

Whether you have been following along in our Stress Challenge, or you are just now finding out about it, I recommend grabbing a notebook, this one or one of your favorites, and start following along. Since all of the info from each week is posted on my blog, you can even go back and do it for the first time on your own if you missed the first weeks or come back to it later when life gets stressful.

Take Care!