Cookbook Excitement and My Trip to See Ina Garten

Cook Like a Pro Cookbook.JPG

Happy Friday! Today I’m talking cookbooks. If you don’t know already, I love me some cooking shows. I record Saturday and Sunday morning cooking shows weekly and watch them when I have a little free time or while I’m doing chores around the house. They teach me new techniques and flavor combo ideas and they inspire me, getting my creativity flowing. My favorite to watch is Ina Garten. It’s interesting because my mom used to love watching her and I never really paid attention. Ina would always be playing in the morning when I would walk into the den while home for Christmas or Thanksgiving. Mom used to say she thought Ina was so lovely and calming. I don’t think I really stopped to understand that until this past year. Maybe it’s getting older, but I now totally get what my mom was drawn to. And not only that, Ina now has a TV segment called “Cook Like a Pro” that makes pretty simple recipes with ingredients that are simple yet full of flavor. She is my style of chef :)

Taylor & Taylor at Ina.jpg

So, last night I was THRILLED to get to go hear her speak in Dallas. She was promoting her new cookbook, “Cook Like a Pro”. She talked about her life growing up, meeting and marrying Jeffrey and when she decided to open Barefoot Contessa, her first specialty food store. Her recipes are wonderful but, even better, her story is so inspiring to me. She took risk and she followed her gut and her passions. The other thing I was curious about and excited to realize is that she seems exactly the same in person as she is on her show. She is genuine, down-to-earth, calm, and has a sense of humor. It was such a fun evening AND I got a signed copy of her new cookbook, which I flipped through on my stories the other night to show you some of the simplicity of her recipes. While some of her recipes have upward of maybe 15 ingredients, most of them have less, and some of her recipes only have 5 ingredients. Yet, no matter how few ingredients there are, each recipe still looks wonderful. I can’t wait to dive in and start giving these a tray! I’ll still be going through my current Ellie Krieger cookbook, of course, but now I’ll be switching it out. Stay tuned on my Instagram and the blog for some new Barefoot Contessa recipes!

Happy Fueling!