Weekend Restaurant & Recipe Finds

As much as I love travel and exploring new places, I love being back home for relaxing no-plans weekends with my husband. We bought our house about a year and a half ago and are still working on getting it decorated and organized and I just love being home in it. It’s one of the places where I feel most creative and most inspired and so, not surprising, I love spending some of a Saturday or Saturday morning creating recipes or doing some mini ingredient prepping for the week here (reminder, I’m not really a complete “meal prepper”. I do, however, like to have lots of different ingredients on-hand to put meals together quickly). So, this weekend, Kyle and I enjoyed a balance of going out to dinner with friends and staying in, enjoying being home, and and me cooking just a little. Here are some of the favorite places and things that we ate!

1. Jose


Friday night we met some friends at Jose. The wait was much shorter than I had anticipated, the service was great and the food fantastic. These shrimp tacos were absolutely scrumptious. The spice rub was a little bit spicy but the pineapple added a sweet note and the slaw was slightly tangy and the avocado pulled everything together. There was a lot going on with these tacos but it was all fresh and full of flavor. I will absolutely go back for these!

2. Ten Minute Mediterranean Tuna Melt

Tuna melt with grapes.jpg

I finally got to finalize the recipe for this tuna melt. I discovered it last month when I had about 15 to 20 minutes at home to make and eat dinner before an evening meeting. This is so simple and I love the flavor combos. I like it so much that I went in the fridge on Sunday to incorporate the leftover tuna salad over mixed greens. However, apparently my husband loves it too because there was nothing left when I got to the fridge :) Next time I’ll make sure to make a double batch! To get the recipe and read more on its nutrition info, go to my original post here!

3. Grilled Chicken with Cherry Bourbon BBQ Sauce & Spinach Butternut Squash Salad (an Ellie Krieger recipe)

Bourbon BBQ Chkn and BN Squash Salad.JPG

As many of you know, I just received Ellie Krieger’s new cookbook, You Have It Made. So, currently, many of my recipes that are not my own are hers from this cookbook. I’ve always been a fan and that appreciation continues as I am cooking my way through her latest book. Kyle and and I had this meal Sunday night (FINALLY got our grill to work!!!) and both loved it. And the great thing is that it makes leftovers for lunch! Yesterday I made the salad again (I’m currently storing all ingredients, including the dressing, separately) and topped it with beans to mix it up a bit. I’ll probably do it again today but add leftover BBQ chicken. This was a delicious meal AND I think it’s a great option to make if you are having company over. Much of it can be prepped ahead, but even if it’s not, prepping and cooking this meal doesn’t have to take all of your attention like some other dinners. You can definitely prepare this and still chat and socialize with your company (or do chores or play with the kids!).

Hope one of these gives you a fresh and simple meal idea for this week, this weekend, or one of your busy weeks to come.

Happy Fueling!