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Hi!  Thank you for stopping by my site.  I have been a registered dietitian for over 8 years now and love this field even more today than when I began my studies as an undergrad at Texas Christian University fourteen years ago.  Over the years I have had the opportunity to work in clinical pediatrics, employee wellness and pediatric sports medicine.  Through this time I have found that my true passion lies here in pediatric sports nutrition and wellness (specifically for the workplace) and I love that I get to practice, learn about and teach this every day.  Along with this I also have a huge passion for cooking and the culinary sciences.  

I gained my interest in nutrition in high school when I began to competitively figure skate and run cross country, seeing food as a way to nourish and fuel my body.  When I changed up how I ate and got the timing down, I was amazed at how much better I felt and how much better I performed in both sports.  Along with being a source of fuel, I also believe that food should taste good!  This is important for us, not only as athletes, but also as active adults and individuals.  I believe that no food is off limits and that food should be something to enjoy but that also nourishes and fuels our body.  I'm a big believer that "healthy food" can taste delicious and that it doesn't have to take hours in the kitchen or break your budget.  I love to prove this to others in the recipes that I develop and the meals that I serve to friends and family.

Follow along with me here as I show you simple, delicious and fueling recipes for you, your family, and your young athlete as well as a few key wellness and pediatric sports nutrition principles in-between.  

And I love hearing from you!  Please comment or email me with questions, clarifications or content that you would like to see!

Happy Fueling!




I received my Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences from Texas Christian University and Master's Degree in Clinical Nutrition from the University of Memphis.  I have expertise in corporate wellness, specifically nutrition program development and implementation, cafeteria healthy option implementation and management, one-on-one nutrition counseling, and meal planning.  I write pediatric sports nutrition pieces for a children's hospital in the form of print material and website and blog content as well as see young athletes in the sports nutrition clinic.  I also speak at various conferences and schools in the DFW area on topics related to wellness and sports nutrition for both adults and children.